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The springs are crucial to any garage door installation. Depending on the Pasadena garage door model you choose, our garage door company will install either extension or torsion springs.

National Safety Council warns consumers that only qualified individuals should adjust garage door springs to prevent injury to you or others due to springs are under high tension. Our garage door technicians are ready to provide prompt reliable service in Pasadena and surrounding areas.

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      Our Pasadena garage door repair and install technicians work with two types of extension spring systems. First, there are sectional garage door extensions springs that open straight up and curl overhead in four or five sections. These are mounted from the ceiling support above the horizontal track and extend toward the opening as the door closes. This system uses pulleys to route cables from both sides of the door to the spring and back to the track. The springs stretch toward the door opening as your door closes.

The second type of is piece garage doors extension springs. This swings outward as rolls up and overhead. About waist high on either side of the garage door opening the extension springs are mounted to a lever and bracket system that extends the springs toward the ceiling as the door closes. This type is no longer manufactured due to the extreme danger. If your one piece garage door has a broken extension spring, we recommend door replacement for durability and safety.

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