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Pearland Garage Door offers to take special care of your garage door openers. We have highly trained certified garage door opener repair technicians to keep your openers working faultlessly so you can enjoy total convenience each time you use your residential garage.

First, however, you got to ensure your garage door opener matches your daily usage cycle. Garage doors openers operated beyond their design specs usually fail early, even with good service.

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      Low-duty door openers installed for most residential garage doors are designed to be cycled. If daily usage statistics for your garage have shot up over the years it may be prudent to upgrade your garage door opener, or to have a new one installed. These days, garage doors and garage door remotes go hand-in-hand. Garage door transmitters send a signal to the motor inside the garage that tells the garage door to open and close.

The invention of these devices has made access to our garages markedly easier, since they free us from physically lifting a heavy door. In addition to garage door remote controls, garage door keypads are another way to access a locked garage without a manual key. There are two types: wired and wireless. Wired keypads send a signal to the garage door via a hard wire to the motor; while wireless keypads transmit a wireless signal, which functions a lot like a garage door remote.

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